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Preparing your listing for the market, the in’s and out’s

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In a person’s lifetime, buying a home is the single most important purchase that person will make. It involves dedicating enormous amounts of time and energy to improve credit, lowering your debt ratio, and saving as much money as possible. This effort is prevalent throughout the home-buying process. The process is stressful and uncomfortable. When a buyer finds and secures their first home, the comfort zone goes from a dream to a reality. However, this comfort zone seems to translate from the satisfaction of ownership to the selling process. I believe sellers are doing themselves a disservice by being too passive.

As a listing agent, I know the contrasting views of passive and active sellers. The worry-free, stress-free mindset of the passive sellers makes the selling aspect from an agent’s side more difficult due to their carefree thought process. From significant mistakes such as minimal showings times or stringent appointment processes to minor blunders such as clutter and cleanliness. An owner’s actions to ensure their home is ready for the market are more critical than ever. Now more than ever, presentation is the #1 most crucial aspect of selling your home.

Judging a book by its cover is something we were all raised not to do. However, this is the first thing a buyer does from when they arrive to when they leave your home. With this, the active seller shines in this process. The active seller will stress during the whole process of selling their home, from the first listing consultation to the moment they sign over the deed and pass along the keys. To their benefit, this is the best mindset to have. This means taking complete care to ensure their property is in the best possible condition for presentation. For those skeptics, the presentation can mean the difference between multiple offers, above list price situation compared to extended time on the market with low offers or, worse still, no offers. Every day that your home sits on the market can be quantified. Taxes, insurance, utility, and mortgage payments can all be quantified down to a daily figure. This is why we at BPG Residential arm you with the knowledge and the most crucial advice to prepare you best and your home for what is, in our day, the most aggressive market in history.

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The most crucial step, as mentioned before, is the mindset. As a seller, you need to be ready in all aspects. The realization that your home is not the only option for the prospective buyer needs to be present. Care must be taken to maximize presentation and, subsequently, exposure. It all starts with presentation. This can mean simply cleaning your home to leasing staging furniture. Even though the furniture has nothing to do with the home, again, it is all about presentation. Every little thing matters, whether you think so or not. I have personally had buyers refuse to write an offer due to simple issues such as clutter or lack of cleanliness. For some, storing your precious and priceless family heirlooms might be a difficult thing to do. This is where the mindset of the passive seller and the active seller comes back into play. The passive seller will leave their home exactly how they want it with no regard for its presentation. While the active seller, worried about presentation and exposure, will make sure to have as little clutter as possible while making sure the home is geared towards a buyer, not themselves. The passive buyer is afraid or unwilling to drive their mindset and lifestyle change, while the active seller will put in the necessary sweat equity while aiming for perfection. Aiming for perfection is no easy feat. This is where we at BPG come into play. We will sit down with you during your first consultation to one, make sure that expectations are realistic, and two, how to best get you in the correct mindset while making sure that your home is in the best possible condition to present to the open market. The first step is to give us a call or send an email, and we will show you what it will take for you to get your home sold with care and expertise.

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