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Archives: May 2022

What are High Net Worth Individuals And Why Do They Continue To Purchase Property?

According to Forbes, the U.S. has the most High Net Worth Individuals in the world. A High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) is generally accepted as person who has $1,000,000 or more in liquid assets. A liquid asset is money held in brokerage and/or bank accounts. Examples of a non-liquid assets are, collectibles, NFTs, outstanding loan […]

Real Estate Investing in Washington DC With all of the turmoil, where do we go from here?

“The Market’s going to crash”. “ My parents lost money in 2007.” “ I’m waiting to buy the dip” .” I can’t afford to live in Washington DC.” “ I don’t have enough money for a 20% down payment.” “ That’s ridiculously overpriced.” “Interest rates are going to cause the R word, yep, RECESSION.” “Will […]